American Innovations, Inc. is pleased to introduce the only Bomb Resistant Waste Receptacles successfully tested to a reliable standard. Blast mitigation devices such as bomb receptacles will only eliminate horizontal fragmentation and protect facilities from terrorist attacks if they are tested properly.
Learn about the threats to public safety and facility security.

A detailed list of the features of our bomb resistant waste receptacles.
Force Protection Chart
Color coded representation of our Bomb Receptacles protective criteria.

Deployment Locations
View a partial list of potential deployment locations.

Styles & Models
More information on the various styles and colors of our Bomb Resistant Waste Receptacles.

Video Footage
Testing conducted at the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC).
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How should a bomb resistant trash receptacle be tested to ensure an accurate explosive containment rating is obtained?

What type of explosives were used? How were the explosives packed? And What were the explosives packed inside to ensure an identical explosive charge was used for all four tests?

In addition to testing with C4 or TNT to measure blast energy containment, why should fragmentation containment tests be conducted using pipe bombs?

Is the official test report that supports the bomb receptacle you are considering to purchase from a recognized US testing facility? Does the report incorporate close up post detonation photos and were you provided the supporting video to compare against the report?

What should a bomb receptacle be anchored to during all testing to ensure a real life deployment scenario is created?

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