For Immediate Purchases CALL 1-845-371-3333.

If you are required to publish a solicitation for bidding purposes, here is the only specification that will ensure fair competition without compromising the security of your facility and the people your bomb receptacles will protect.

Agency __ (Name) ___ is looking to purchase ____ (Quantity) ___ of Bomb Resistant Waste Receptacles. The actual quantity to be purchased may increase or decrease depending on the available budget.

Every vendor is required to submit their two highest rated receptacles and must include with their proposal detailed product specifications, installation instructions, pricing, and their estimated delivery lead-time. Product specifications shall include, at a minimum, dimensions, waste capacities available, finishes available, fluid collection and drainage options, steps required for removal of full waste bags and recommended maintenance.

If a vendor only offers one model with one level of force protection, they are welcome to submit that one model for consideration.

All proposals must include an official test report from a recognized US testing facility that defines; the type and amount of explosives used, the platform or type of surface their product was tested on, and the location(s) within their receptacle(s) the detonation test(s) were conducted. The test report must incorporate post detonation photos and the supporting video footage of the testing is also required.

Send Proposal to ___________________ and contact _______________ with any questions.

Security Notice: Never publicize the location(s) you will be installing bomb resistant waste receptacles and never publicize or share with any outside vendors the exact explosive containment ratings you are considering to or have decided to purchase. Doing so will compromise your security and place defenseless people in harms way.