• Triple Wall Technology, tested to withstand various capacity explosions (Bottom Center, Sidewall Weld Seam, Sidewall Opposite Weld Seam, and Midpoint) without Horizontal Fragmentation.

  • Initial blast is contained horizontally and remaining blast energy is directed vertically.

  • Designed with no metal parts of container in the blast path to fragment and become airborne during an explosion. Stainless Steel Top remains attached to the waste receptacle.

  • Galvanized edges, walls and drains provide corrosion resistance in most environments.

  • Sturdy galvanized exterior walls are factory covered with metals or standard color and texture laminates. Laminates can also be custom designed with special art, logos or offi cial seals (100 Piece Minimum). Dings and dents will be minimized with laminate over metal and they also resist fading compared to painted surfaces.

  • Laminated exterior can be replaced by a local laminator if damaged or color schemes are revised.

  • Attractive and durable polished stainless steel top is standard on all models. Top will not discolor from tobacco products and can be cleaned and buffed again and again.ĚPlastic liner accepts multiple garbage bags at the same time, which are easily removed when full. Attendant can easily remove a full bag to prevent an explosive being placed above containment area during peak usage.

  • Plastic liners are full capacity thirty (30) and forty (40) gallon, not nominal sizes.

  • Flexible internal drainage out of bottom or side. Spillage can also be stored internally for later clean up and wash down.

  • Easy on-site placement, leveling, and anchoring with single point pickup and stainless steel anchor, which resists over 4000 pounds of shear (horizontal) or tension (vertical) force.

  • Installation and Maintenance instructions included with every order. Technical assistance is also available at no charge via email or phone. On site supervision and/or installation services can be provided for a fee.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.

  • Dimensions: 29" Diameter & 37.5" Height (39" with leveling legs extended).

  • Designed, built, and tested in the USA using only US purchased materials.

  • Weight: Starting at 1400 lbs.

  • Custom Designed Lifting Tool is provided with every order. Moving and installing these receptacles is simplified with inexpensive, readily available equipment.